Fry's / iFixit Retail Program

Creative Direction • 3D Visualization • Retail

Problem: The Fry's and iFixit partnership was moving fast and there was very little time to design vital assets.
Solution: Research and design in-store marketing and retail endcap material as fast as possible without sacrificing brand presentation standards.
Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, 3DS Max, Keyshot


Fry's Electronics and iFixit were partnering up on a new program that allowed Fry's to sell our parts and tools, repair mobile devices while customers wait, and utilize our resources to be successful. iFixit would become the exclusive precision tool supplier for Fry's.

While this was a great opportunity for us to greatly expand our retail presence, it also came with pretty unreasonable deadlines that we had to battle.

Fry's requested: flyers, 3'x6' banners, posters, counter mats, and gondola toppers to be designed, printed, and shipped to all 34 locations.

The Perfect Pair

This new retail partnership was a really exciting time for iFixit. Our goal was to make sure we do everything in our power to give the best impression we can to our newly expanded retail audience.

Also, common limitations that would affect our ability to promote our brand and mission through a large retailer were a big concern.


The Tech Services Program at Fry's continues to be successful. iFixit reps went to various flagship stores to train Fry's employees on precision repair, using iFixit's free repair guides. There was more than 40K in revenue generated in the first quarter post-launch. There are plans to extend the repair program to a broader range of devices and parts. Fry's Electronics has been a great contributor to iFixit's brand visibility.