Fry's / iFixit Retail Program

Creative Direction • 3D Visualization • Retail

Problem: Fry's Electronics and iFixit were partnering up on a new program that allowed Fry's to sell our parts and tools, repair mobile devices while customers wait and utilize our resources to be successful . In return, iFixit would be much more prominent in big box retailers in a profitable way.
Solution: Research and design in-store marketing and retail endcap material.
Tools Used: 3DS Max, Keyshot, Illustrator, Photoshop

Tech Services

3' x 6' Banner

Counter Mat

The Perfect Pair

This new retail partnership was a really exciting time for us at iFixit. During a time where we were heavily focused on increasing our retail presence, the perfect opportunity revealed itself. Fry's Electronics was developing a program in their Tech Services department that would enable customers to bring in broken or faulty devices, pay to have them fixed while they shop and go home happy. While iFixit already had some product being sold in their storefront, Fry's proposed to have iFixit be the exclusive supplier of all tools and parts for the new program, and increase repair awareness by giving us an endcap with hefty real estate.

Our goal was to make sure we do everything in our power to give the best impression we can to our expanded retail audience. Also, common limitations that would affect our ability to market our brand and mission through a large retailer was a big concern.

Collateral and Endcap

Flyer Design - Front

Flyer Design - Rear

4' x 1' Endcap Gondola Topper


The Tech Services Program at Fry's continues to be successful. iFixit went to various flagship stores to train Fry's employees on repair and using iFixit's free repair guides. There was more than 40K in revenue generated in the first quarter post launch. There are plans to extend the repair program to a broader range of devices and parts. Fry's Electronics has been a great contributor to iFixit's brand visibility.

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