iFixit Black Friday 2016

Challenge: Create an innovative and compelling landing page for iFixit's Black Friday campaign.
Role: Design overall theme with primary visual assets.
Tools Used: 3DS Max, Keyshot, Photoshop
Layout: Jamie Gay
Front End: Tyler Deitz

Header Graphic

Ambient Occlusion Pass

Final Render

Dark Matter

The goal of this project was to create a stunning user experience, and of course generate as much revenue as we could. I had just started working with Keyshot and was testing some new lighting techniques. With a love for space, I played around with an idea of our tools slowly falling in space with a feeling of anti gravity. The team loved the idea and we ran with it.



Our collaboration efforts and transparency during the development process greatly contributed to this project's success. iFixit broke a record for total revenue generated during a single campaign. The sale highlighted two tier one product bundles, and the landing page focused heavily on a sleek, minimal presentation. A savory parallax scrolling effect was added as a cherry on top.

Live Site

See it in action!