Fix the World

UI/UX Design • Art Direction • Branding

Problem: iFixit was in need of a fresh update to their promotional line of merch.
Solution: Design visual assets, merch and promotional landing page.
Tools Used: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop
Front End: Tyler Deitz


Promo Gear Ideas

The world needs fixing. Let's fix it, together.

The main goal of this project was to launch a campaign page under art direction that resonated with as many people as possible. With iFixit's users being 85% male, we featured more women in our visuals in an attempt to reach out, empower and spread repair awareness.

iFixit's mission is to teach the world how to fix everything. During our brainstorming phase, I made sure to keep the ideology prominent throughout the entire process. Copywriting isn't my forte, but I coined the tagline "The world needs fixing. Let's fix it, together" and felt it would spark the emotional connection we were shooting for.

Final Gear Selection / Photo shoot

Landing Page Sketch

Layers and delight

The best part of refinement is all of the sweet ideas that come up when we're thinking ahead and discussing creative ways to polish the experience. Usually, motion design immediately comes to mind when we aim to delight the user. We planned on giving the initial scroll a "layered" effect while having visual elements feel like cards.

Landing Page Mockup

Final Landing Page (Live)

See it in action!


There were a few obstacles we encountered during this project that didn't allow us to be mutually satisfied when it came time to ship. There was internal debate about art direction that slowed the project down and created heavy friction, and we weren't totally prepared for that.

In all, Fix the World was very successful and provided a great learning experience for the entire team.

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