Fix the World

Challenge: Create a set of iFixit promotional gear with a full campaign to deliver the release.
Role: Design visual assets, merch and promotional landing page. Lead art direction for the campaign.
Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma
Front End: Tyler Deitz


Promo Gear Ideas

The world needs fixing. Let's fix it, together.

The main goal of this project was to have the art direction resonate with as much people as possible with the intent of broadening our target audience. Surely, it was not an easy task to tackle. iFixit's mission is to teach the world how to fix everything. During our brainstorming phase, I made sure to keep the ideology prominent in our mood boards. While we were conceptualizing, I developed the tagline "The world needs fixing. Let's fix it, together." Next steps: set up a photo shoot and put together a landing page that serves as a lookbook and point of purchase.

Final Gear Selection / Photo shoot

Promo Landing Page / Lookbook

Initial Sketch

Landing Page Mockup

Here's the mockup I put together using Figma and the assets from our photoshoot.

Final Landing Page

See it in action!


There were a few obstacles we encountered during this project that didn't allow us to be completely satisfied with the results.
1. There was conflict between stakeholders and the design team in terms of ideal creative direction.
2. We didn't have a super clear idea of who our target audience really was, since we didn't have much data to base our choices off of.
Solution: Develop a strict assignment of responsibility for creative direction to minimize internal conflict. Also, do much more in-depth user research before making any design decisions.

As a result of these problems, we didn't end up with the direction we really intended to move forward with. While it was pretty disappointing, we still ended up with a project we were all happy with.