iFixit Cart Abandonment

UI/UX Design • Illustration

Problem: iFixit's current cart abandonment conversion efforts were suffering from a lack of branding, creativity and motivational messaging.
Solution: Design and illustrate a friendly email design that makes users feel exceptionally catered to with the goal of bringing them back to complete their purchase.
Tools Used: Figma, Illustrator


iFixit's cart abandonment conversion efforts were almost non-existent, using a default design template delivered with an automated message. It was pretty obvious we were losing potential revenue as a result, so we made this project priority 1 and explored the most friendly and creative approach. I felt this called for a cute illustration.

Gentle and Purposeful

Being mindful of how these types of emails can be perceived by our audience, we were careful not to come off as invasive. The simple illustration takes the front seat to strike an emotional chord while being supported by a preview of the cart's contents. The gentle messaging and purposeful design choices kind of make you feel bad for the lonely lil' cart.


Our efforts proved to be extremely successful. Cart abandonment conversions went from 2%-4% during our A/B testing. When shipped, we saw a gradual increase to 6% conversions over the span of a month.