Karina Nieves Brand Identity

Branding • Creative Direction

Problem: Karina's current brand identity was suffering greatly and she needed guidance towards an insightful approach that represented her and resonated well with her target audience.
Solution: Develop a fresh and well-informed brand identity that complemented Karina and her long-term goals.
Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop


Karina had a great business model and a fairly robust clientele. She had been running her mobile bartending business for a few years, and never really thought of creating a brand for herself.

After we sat and discussed the benefits of proper presentation, she was convinced she could have been representing herself in a much more professional way that would result in more validity and trust in her clients. 

Karina is honest, down to earth and sophisticated. I wanted the branding to reflect that.


As a bartender that is catering to very special occasions, you want to be trusted that you'll make it more memorable and enjoyable in a responsible and respectful way. We also wanted Karina to be respected and perceived as an exclusive service.


Karina was overwhelmed with the results of her rebrand. Her incoming clients were growing and becoming more sophisticated, and it was obvious that her presentation increased the level of respect she was getting. This gave her confidence in raising her rates and filtering out unsavory client requests.

It's so rewarding to be an integral part of helping someone reach their goals and raise the bar at the same time.