UI/UX Design • Product Design • Branding

Problem: Existing products that assist with learning the fundamentals of mindful meditation are either too expensive, poorly developed, or both.
Solution: Design an accessible and delightful mobile application to assist people suffering from stress, anxiety and other emotional struggles.
Tools Used: Sketch, Principle, Illustrator, Photoshop


The most important aspect of meditation is the breath. Respire focuses on teaching the user mindful breathing techniques, guided by audio and visual experiences that are designed to treat specific emotional imbalances. Respire's purpose is to create positive thought patterns that promote mindfulness and destroy negative habits.

While experimenting with various meditation related apps, I noticed a lack of affordable products that provide intelligent and reliable help with learning techniques that make mindful meditation easier and more beneficial. Having learned the benefits of mindful meditation, I believe that an irreplaceable skill that can help preserve one’s mental and emotional health should be much more accessible.

Respire’s branding was designed to illustrate the honest and straightforward approach to solving this problem.

UX Journey

Respire is meant to be honest and feel like a donation based product. Users can benefit from its core features free of charge, and premium features like statistics and scheduling are unlocked after a suggested donation is made.

Giving the user experience careful attention, I did my best to create a roadmap with the least amount of friction and confusion.

UI Design

When designing a User Interface, it's great to start with low fidelity wireframes that help get an accurate grasp of layout and hierarchy of elements on every screen the user comes across. This stage also helps ensure user-friendly navigation and determine how minimal and familiar the entire UI should be. The UI for Respire was designed to complement its linear navigation.

When translating mockups into hi fidelity, I realized what elements of the UX needed fine-tuning. Respire’s design system is meant to be cohesive, focus on functionality, and use color to separate different features from each other - making wayfinding a breeze. The bold and simplistic layout of elements paired with the selective use of color helps keep focus on the task at hand.

Color is a really important aspect of this product. Each color and gradient is derived from the branding style guide, but also heavily influenced by the different Chakras of the spiritual body and the emotional connections that are trigged with them.


Respire is still a work in progress. As an ongoing side project, tasks like refining the design system, conceptualizing interactions, and diving deeper into features like data tracking will be super exciting.

Respire has been such a fun and fulfilling project to work on. For me, there is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than being able to design for something that is meant to have a positive impact on our environment and humanity as a whole.